Expanded Service Offerings

PhillyCooke Consulting has added new services from the humble start more than five years ago, when I used to joke that the company included both me and my laptop.

In addition to continuing to provide regulatory consulting services, PhillyCooke Consulting now offers:

  • Submission Preparation Services for Ad Agencies
  • Medical Editing
  • Proofreading, and 
  • Medical Writing. 

You can learn a bit more about the expanded services here, or simply complete the "Contact Form" to request a free initial consultation.

Also, having completed law school (and been admitted to the bar in Pennsylvania), I am now able to offer legal services; however, the law practice is distinct from PhillyCooke Consulting. If you are interested in legal services related to the advertising and promotion of FDA-regulated products, please see FDAadLaw.com, which is a sister corporation to PhillyCooke Consulting.

Although the website is currently a bit spartan, the services offered are robust and address all aspects of advertising FDA-regulated products, including concerns related to the Lanham Act, privacy, and FDCA issues.

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