Agency Support

MLR Submission Management

Taking promotional materials through the review process is a challenge for most creators. PhillyCooke Consulting offers trafficking, preparation, and submission services support including:
  • Advising on submission strategy
  • Opening job codes
  • Trafficking submissions
  • Preparing promotional communications for submission (screen grabbing, annotating PDFs, etc.)
  • Uploading, linking, and tagging submissions
  • Preparing and uploading new references for addition to the reference library
  • Maintaining an archive of submissions
  • Downloading and disseminating comments

Medical Editing & Proofreading

PhillyCooke Consulting helps clients ensure their materials are clean and ready for review by supplying both medical editing and proofreading.

Process Improvement

Having worked with more than 50 ad agencies, PhillyCooke Consulting will benchmark your agency's existing operations against the industry's best, identify opportunities for improvement, and help your agency put its best foot forward on every submission.

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