Consulting & Training

PhillyCooke Consulting focuses on four key areas to assist life sciences companies: Promotional Review, Training, Process Improvement, Policy Development and Rollout.

Promotional Review

Ensuring that promotional tactics are compliant with FDA regulation is challenging, especially when the tactics use the latest emerging channels where the underlying technology is itself constantly changing. PhillyCooke Consulting can provide additional support to your company's promotional review teams to assist in addressing the compliance of tactics making use of social media and other digital channels to help your teams develop promotional tactics with confidence. 


Staying on top of the latest developments in technology and FDA guidance and regulation of these technologies can be daunting. PhillyCooke Consulting provides your staff the training it needs to remain at the forefront of the industry. Training is offered both live and via PhillyCooke Learning's on-demand courses. Content can be customized to address specific issues and initiatives, or you can choose from a wide library of off-the-shelf topics including:
  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • How to Effectively Integrate Digital Tactics into Promotion
  • Developing Compliant Paid Search Campaigns
  • Social Media Guidance: State of the Industry
PhillyCooke Consulting also offers Master Classes providing deeper coverage of select topics. For more on current offerings, complete the contact form or visit PhillyCooke Learning.

Review & Approval Process Improvement

The review and approval process for promotional materials is essential to ensuring that all promotional tactics are compliant with FDA regulation, yet there are no regulations about that process itself; and an inefficient or ineffective review process can cost enormous amounts of time and money while leaving your company at risk of non-compliant promotion. PhillyCooke Consulting will benchmark your existing process against industry standards, identify and prioritize areas for improvement, and work with you to develop a plan for implementing improvements to ensure your company's promotional review process is protecting your company in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Policy Development & Rollout

Policies establish your company's standards and set the table for all promotional efforts. The right policies facilitate effective, compliant promotion; while the wrong policies hinder promotional efforts and/or leave you vulnerable to non-compliant promotion. PhillyCooke Consulting can help your company determine the right policy stance for your specific organization. Areas of policy focus include social media, digital promotion, and non-promotional communications.

To learn more about PhillyCooke Consulting or to request a free initial consultation, please complete the contact form.