The Value of Virtual Communities

At last week's Drug Information Association's (DIA) Marketing Pharmaceuticals* conference, Kim Belsky of OneSource Regulatory spoke about the DIA Ad-promo group. Kim and Tracy Rockney, who founded OneSource, are co-chairs for the group.

This is a virtual community open to DIA members, and there are monthly sessions with set topics. Today's call is slated for noon, and the announced topic is the 2015 enforcement activity from OPDP. I suspect, however, that the agenda might be hijacked by the settlement between Amarin and FDA that was announced last night.

I'm still reading up on the settlement and expect to add to my previous discussion of the issues raised in this legal challenge.

I wanted though to note how nice it is to be able to hop on a call while this topic is fresh and hear what others are saying. There's a vibrant community of ad-promo regulatory professionals, but we tend to be dispersed around the country, and any given company will rarely have more than 10 of us. So, being able to jump on a call and hear the perspective of others is fantastic.

If you aren't already a member of the DIA ad-promo group, I hope you'll join. Just hop over to the DIA communities page and select the link for the Regulatory Affairs A&P group.

* BTW, I hope to post a recap of the conference in the next few days. You can see my live Tweets on Twitter using the hashtag #MarketingPharma16