Temple RA/QA Advertising Course

It was just confirmed that I'll be teaching in Temple University's RA/QA MS program this spring. Specifically, I'll be teaching the ad-promo course.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please reach out to me for information. The course will be taught out of the Fort Washington campus, but online enrollment is permitted.

Here's the complete schedule of classes for the spring.

DHC Privacy Post

The Digital Health Coalition asked for my views on the renewed emphasis on privacy for pharmaceutical marketers. I shared a few thoughts here.

Expanded Service Offerings

PhillyCooke Consulting has added new services from the humble start more than five years ago, when I used to joke that the company included both me and my laptop.

In addition to continuing to provide regulatory consulting services, PhillyCooke Consulting now offers:

  • Submission Preparation Services for Ad Agencies
  • Medical Editing
  • Proofreading, and 
  • Medical Writing. 

You can learn a bit more about the expanded services here, or simply complete the "Contact Form" to request a free initial consultation.

Also, having completed law school (and been admitted to the bar in Pennsylvania), I am now able to offer legal services; however, the law practice is distinct from PhillyCooke Consulting. If you are interested in legal services related to the advertising and promotion of FDA-regulated products, please see FDAadLaw.com, which is a sister corporation to PhillyCooke Consulting.

Although the website is currently a bit spartan, the services offered are robust and address all aspects of advertising FDA-regulated products, including concerns related to the Lanham Act, privacy, and FDCA issues.