Using Periscope for Regulatory Updates

Twitter released a new app a few weeks ago called Periscope. Periscope enables users to broadcast live from their mobile devices. Depending on how the broadcast is shared, you can either make the broadcast available to everyone or only a select few people.

I've been playing around with Periscope to get a feel for how people are using it and also to see what if any interesting regulatory issues it raises.

It's possible to create a distinct identity on Periscope from your Twitter identity; however, I'm using Periscope as @PhillyCooke.

One way I've seen Periscope be adopted by the larger non-pharma community is to provide additional "behind the scenes" footage from television performers, specifically people who host interview programs. I've also seen it used successfully for Q&A sessions because viewers can type responses, feedback, and questions into the app, and those comments are then seen by everyone viewing the broadcast including the presenter.

Next week, I'll be broadcasting the Philadelphia RAPS chapter meeting. We're having Jay Crowley speak about UDI.

Jay spent more than 25 years at FDA and is widely regarded as the godfather of the Unique Device Identification system, so we're extremely excited to have him speak. Another chapter chair asked whether we could turn the event into a webinar or otherwise make Jay's talk available to a wider audience, and that's when I decided to leverage Periscope.

So, start following @PhillyCooke on Periscope, and tune in next Thursday, May 7, at 6:30 to listen in to Jay's talk.

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