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The highly anticipated FDA social media webinar happened today. Apparently, some people were able to attend; though based on my Twitter feed, it seemed as if more people were having problems than actually getting in.

I was one of those who experienced difficulties. I logged in at 1:45 for the 2 p.m. start because FDA had warned that it was already booked to max capacity. I received a message that the webinar hadn't begun and would start at 2 p.m.

2 p.m. came and no webinar, then 2:05. Then, I started scrambling trying to log in in a different browser, reloading the page, even restarted my computer.

Then (of course), I started checking Twitter and saw that other people were experiencing the same problems.

I received an email from FDA with a new link that also didn't work.

@US_FDA Tweeted out a message acknowledging the problems and promising to post slides later. BTW, they're here.

From what I can tell based on the commentary on Twitter, there was very little new ground covered. The consensus of the Twitter discussion was that FDA largely read directly from the guidances themselves (the slides seem to back up that view) and only chose questions to answer that were already answered in the guidance themselves.

As for the guidances themselves, I would suggest that there are still many unanswered questions, including this and this.

For an overview of the guidances, I'd recommend this one.

And given all of the technical difficulties and limited Q&A, I'm renewing my call for a Twitter chat about the guidances. If CDRH can do it, I'm not sure why the rest of the agency can't.

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