FDA Social Media Guidance Webinar

I have been trying to get the FDA to host a Twitter chat, having suggested it on Twitter, and then followed up on this blog.

This morning @US_FDA announced that there will be a social media webinar later this week. There isn't much information about the webinar at the registration page, but the confirmation email includes the following description:
The purpose of this webinar is to provide an introduction and overview of FDA’s three recently issued social media draft guidances Fulfilling Regulatory Requirements for Postmarketing Submissions of Interactive Promotional Media for Prescription Human and Animal Drugs and Biologics,  Internet/Social Media Platforms with Character Space Limitations— Presenting Risk and Benefit Information for Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices and Internet/Social Media Platforms: Correcting Independent Third-Party Misinformation About Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices. Subject-matter experts will also be available to answer questions regarding the draft guidances and provide further explanation of key concepts.

I hope you'll join the webinar as I'm sure we're all anxious to have this Q&A on the three social media guidances this year.

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