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September is always a busy month. I'll be publishing two articles and speaking at three conferences. As materials come available, I'll post them to my or SlideShare pages.

The links to these pages are in the right rail, and you can bookmark them.

I also maintain a distribution list of people who would like to receive updates from me. If you want to save yourself some time, then just complete the Contact Form on the right, and I'll add you to my distribution list. As new materials become available, or as important news warrants, I will send out updates directly to your inbox.

I promise these updates won't flood your inbox, and you can subscribe at any time.

One additional benefit of being on the distribution list (aside from being the first to know that there is new information) is that I will be making special discounts to my speaking engagements and training sessions available only to people on my distribution list and PhillyCooke Consulting clients.

So, to qualify for these discounts, fill out that Contact Form and request that you be added to the list.

And, of course, if you happen to need any of these services, please mention that on your Contact Form, and I'll set up time for your free initial consultation.

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