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As many of you know, I have recently launched an independent consulting practice, focused on helping companies figure out how to use new and emerging digital channels to provide information about FDA-regulated products to the people who need that information, whether that's patients, caregivers, or doctors and other healthcare professionals.

I'm in the process of forming an official S-Corporation (paperwork filed with and apparently accepted by the IRS and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) and this blog has been undergoing some design changes as I've adapted it to become simply one page on the slightly larger website that is dedicated to the consulting practice.

You might have noticed the change in the page header, new navigation elements, background image, etc.

Aside from the cosmetic changes, the intention is to provide a single location where you can find information about the topic of promoting FDA-regulated products and the services I provide as a consultant. So, there's a new page dedicated to describing the services PhillyCooke Consulting offers.

If you find yourself in need of any of the services, please reach out to me. You can fill out the contact form on the right, and you'll hear from me as soon as I am able to do so.

And if you're not sure whether your specific request falls within the scope of services I provide, then please ask. I don't do everything, but I am a committed provider of referrals and would happily connect you with someone else in my Rolodex.

In addition, this blog will continue, and I hope you will continue to read it. Because although there's a change on my business card, I remain dedicated to the endlessly fascinating topic of FDA regulation of advertising and promotion of prescription products.

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