Let's have a chat!

Some of you might recall that in the fall, CDRH released a finalized version of its mobile apps guidance (see here and here on that). A few days later, they hosted a live Twitter chat on the topic. They used the hashtag #FDAapps and have actually kept that going for ongoing updates.

I participated, as did I'm sure many of you, and it extremely informative. I commend CDRH for setting the precedent and embracing new platforms for outreach.

In that same spirit, I suggest that now is the perfect time for OPDP, APLB, and CVM's advertising arm to join Twitter (none has an official Twitter presence so far as I'm aware and based on the FDA's official listing of social media accounts) and talk about the new social media guidance on presenting benefit and risk information in space-limited contexts. This seems especially appropriate given that the guidance dwells so heavily on Twitter usage.

I floated the suggestion on Twitter yesterday, and @FDAmedia picked up on it. So, now, I'm hoping you'll help me keep the conversation going by Tweeting, posting, sharing, etc., to see whether we can get FDA to participate.

And even if we can't get FDA's involvement, let's plan on holding a Twitter chat of our own on this topic soon.

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